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Another Garden: Tanka Writings
by Jeffrey Woodward

$12.95 US / £8.50 UK / €10.00
Available at
Readers of Another Garden will enjoy its generous yet compact presentation of modern tanka in all of that genre's rich variety. Jeffrey Woodward, innovative poet, editor and critic, has assembled a selection of his best individual tanka, tanka sequences and tanka with prose. The book is rounded-off by the inclusion of two influential essays, "The Road Ahead for Tanka in English" and "The Elements of Tanka Prose," and of an in-depth interview with the author, "Tanka Prose, Tanka Tradition."

“Behind the lines of Jeffrey Woodward’s tanka prose, in pieces like ‘The Silence That Inhabits Houses,’ with its meditation on a painting by Matisse, or ‘The Trial of Dorothy Talbye, 1638,’ and its description of the ‘wild and unexplored interior’ of Salem, is a canny, exultant understanding and possession of the mind and heart that is rare in prose and prized in poetry. Woodward’s voice tills his subject matter with thought, imagery and language that mark the mastery of his craft and the authority of his vision. His contributions to tanka and tanka prose literature are foundational, a glory to read and savor. Here is rich ground with roots in it.”
Michael McClintock
President, Tanka Society of America (2004-2010)
"Another Garden reads like a collection of poems from another time. This is not a book to fly through; the tanka and tanka prose beg the reader to put aside a morning or afternoon, to sit in a high-back chair in a quiet study with a vase of garden roses on a nearby table next to a thermos of jasmine or violet tea. 'The Girl from Shanghai' is a Jeffrey Woodward classic and reading just that piece is worth the price of the entire book."
Alexis Rotella
Author of Lip Prints
Trade paperback
180 pages, 60# cream interior
Full-color laminated cover
6" x 9" trim size
ISBN-13: 978-0615892511
ISBN-10: 0615892515


Evening in the Plaza: Haibun & Haiku
by Jeffrey Woodward

$12.95 US / £8.50 UK / 10.00
Available at

Evening in the Plaza contains forty-one haibun and forty-eight haiku, selected from the published writings of over a decade, by Jeffrey Woodward, a leading exponent and theorist of haibun, and founder and general editor of Haibun Today. The origins of haibun, or the wedding of prose and haiku, can be traced to 17th century Japan but this literary genre gradually fell out of favor and practice in its homeland; it has been revived and naturalized internationally by English-language poets in recent decades.

"Potentially lost in Jeffrey Woodward's enduring advocacy of the haibun genre is the quality of his own work. No more. The pieces of this handsome collection, assembled from the past decade, exhibit the suppleness of his style, the probity of his thought, and the range of his affections. It isn't essential that a champion of a neglected genre be expert in it, but when he is, it lends credence to his claims of value. This volume will make certain those claims are taken very seriously."
Jim Kacian
Senior Editor, Contemporary Haibun 

"Reading Evening in the Plaza was a haunting experience to which I shall return again and again, gripped by its strange and austere mood."
Ken Jones
Winner of the Sasakawa Prize for Haikai

"These elegant haibun and haiku, ranging in subject matter from personal reminiscence to historical, mythological, and / or spiritual insight, superbly capture the essence of Woodward's experience. From one-page distillations of insightful and moving experiences in nature, to two-to-three page narratives that often take on the persona of persons from the past'the brittle voices of my dead'the beautifully rendered work in this collection invites us to share in a compelling life journey." 
Penny Harter
Author of Recycling Starlight and One Bowl 
Trade paperback
94 pages, 60# cream interior
Full-color laminated cover
5.5" x 8.5" trim size
ISBN-13: 978-0615834757
ISBN-10: 0615834752