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Welcome to Tournesol Books, a small literary press founded in 2013 in Detroit. Please visit New Titles to review our most recent publications or visit our Bookstore to review and order our current and prior books. Visit News to read press releases and future calls for submissions or visit Archive to access, via the Drop Down Menu, all current and prior announcements.

Tournesol Books
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The word tournesol is derived from the Italian girasolemeaning, "to turn with the sun"and serves as the common French name for Helianthus annuus, Van Gogh's beloved sunflower. The uniform alignment of sunflowers in a field, which supports the false impression that they track the sun, results from heliotropism when the young plants are in bud. Buds maintain this heliotropic motiona circadian rhythm that is synchronized by the sun, even when obscured on cloudy daysuntil, with the appearance of mature flower heads, the flowers steadfastly face East.